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Let Canberra Rubbish Removals concentrate on your rubbish collection – so you can concentrate on your business!
We can remove old furniture, files, old office equipment, partitioning etc. with a minimum of fuss and disruption. Hiring a skip bin can be costly not to mention downright difficult to deal with – where will it go? Who’s going to carry all the stuff to the bin? Let Canberra Rubbish Removals do the job for you; we’re fast efficient and affordable.
Recycling is our priority, so if your rubbish can be recycled we will make sure it is. Do you have classified or sensitive waste? We can arrange for specialised disposal of your material if that’s what you require.
We can visit your site first to provide an obligation free quote, we can provide a formal quotation for you to submit for approval if needed, or simply book us in and we will advise the costs before we start work. Are you a factory unit with large amounts of crates, skids, pallets and/or packaging? We can make very short work of these types of jobs. This will free up time and space for your business to keep it doing what it does best!
Our team have all been properly trained and will undertake the work quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to your staff. We’ll help you to stay on track – why not schedule in a regular weekly, monthly or even quarterly pickup? Tell us what you need and we’ll work it out for you. Now that’s value!
We only charge for the amount of waste we remove – making us very competitive – unlike a skip bin you’re not locked in to a set price. Our rates start from just $100.00. When you compare this to the cost of your staff (or contractors) running loads of rubbish back and forth to a hired skip, it’s no wonder so many businesses see the value of using Canberra Rubbish Removals to remove all types of surplus waste. Contact us today and we will give you all the help your business needs to get cleaned up.
Call us to remove garden waste, old furniture, general rubbish, or whatever you have. Why get your hands dirty loading a skip bin or trailer? Let our professional rubbish collection team do the dirty work for you! We remove rubbish from where it lies with a minimum of fuss. Hiring a skip bin can be costly, not to mention downright difficult to deal with, and where will it go? Skip bins can ruin your lawn. Our rubbish removal team will remove all sorts of waste materials including garden waste such as prunings and clippings, old junk, white goods, general rubbish, old furniture – almost anything! We can quote you up front so there will be no surprises and we assure you of a complete job, leaving you nothing to do. We will visit your home and call ahead to warn you of our arrival. There will be no need for any costly bin hire service AND we give a 10% discount to seniors and concession card holders. Your waste problems will be solved. Our rubbish removal rates are competitive as we only charge for the amount of waste we remove. Rates start from just $88.00! This gets 1 cubic metre of waste removed from any easily accessible area. Compare this to hiring a skip bin and finding someone to run loads back and forth and YOU WILL SEE THE BENEFITS IMMEDIATELY. We take pride in providing a great service and strive for customer satisfaction. We understand the importance of moving carefully around your premises with minimal disruption to plants and property. We’re locals, we know Canberra; call us today and tell us about your rubbish problem, we’re happy to help.
You’ve definitely come to the right place. In our experience, we’ve found that office types don’t much like getting involved with rubbish removal. It’s a fair call, really. Why should you? It’s not exactly in your job description, is it? Are you clearing out old, dusty archive files? Do you need boxes and packaging removed? Is a new shipment of office furniture about to be delivered, and you need to get rid of the old, outdated furniture? Do you have a stockpile of old computer equipment that you want to dispose of in an environmentally responsible manner? Canberra Rubbish Removals to the Rescue! We can make all your rubbish disappear really quickly and easily, and our costs start from just $88.00! Do you have classified or sensitive waste? Talk to us about specialised disposal of your sensitive material, we can make the necessary arrangements for you. Please contact us for some very quick attention. We will either provide you with an estimate over the phone or via email, or we’ll visit your premises so we can prepare a formal quote for you to submit for approval. We’re fast, efficient and affordable. It’s simple really, Canberra Rubbish Removals is the obvious choice for the removal of office related waste. We’re used by both ACT and Federal Government Departments; we know what documentation you require and can provide it quickly. Compare us to hiring a skip bin and arranging a parking bay for the skip bin, and then, worst of all, trying to find the people to load the skip bin. What a pain! And besides, that method of rubbish removal only works if you’re actually able to have a skip bin delivered to your workplace. If you’re not, then you really, really need to talk to us! Canberra Rubbish Removals is your one stop ‘shop’ for rubbish removal. Make one phone call to us and we’ll make your rubbish problem disappear for you, so you can get on with your job!
Our rubbish removals team are courteous, careful and professional. Our guys know how to handle all materials respectfully and with care. We can come into your home or garden to remove whatever it is you need to be taken away. What’s more, we give a 10% discount to seniors. Let us do the heavy lifting for you. We assure you of a complete job, leaving you nothing to do. Are you an aged care facility with an accumulation of furniture, TVs or equipment that you need to dispose of? We service many aged care facilities, we understand the paperwork you require for approvals and can get it to you quickly. Give us a call, we’re happy to come out and quote your job free of charge. We can prepare formal quotations for approval if required. Please call us to speak to someone helpful.